1. Teams must be coed and can consist of up to 5 players on the floor at one time (4 players + 1 goalie).
  2. Excluding the team goalie, at no time is there to be more than 3 men on the floor. Exception (a): when the goalie has been pulled for an extra attacker, the extra attacker may be a male player. Exception (b): If you have a female goalie, that’s fine, however, you cannot have 4 males on offense, you must still have a non-goalie female player. It must be 3 males and 1 female
  3. All players must be listed on and have signed their team’s official roster in order to be eligible to play.
  4. Players may be added to the team’s roster up until the 3rd week of the season, which may not necessarily be your team’s third game. After the 3rd week team rosters are frozen. Any “special circumstances” for roster additions or subtractions must be presented to the League Director in writing and cleared by him/her before the player can play in their first game for that team. Team players must compete in at least half of a team’s regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs.
  5. Players may only be on one team roster per division per night.
  1. PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR & SHIN GUARDS ARE MANDATORY – Players are responsible for these.
  2. Mouth guards, gloves, helmets, and cups are optional but are strongly encouraged.
  4. Chest protectors, leg pads, and gloves (catcher’s glove/blocker) are strongly encouraged.
  5. HUB Sports will provide team shirts, balls, and nets. The officials will also have emergency goalie masks/chest protectors with them in case teams forget their goalie equipment.
  6. Sticks with pure wood blades are not allowed. Wood blades must have a fiberglass coating on them.
  1. Game clocks will start on time regardless of whether the teams are ready or not.
  2. If the rink is not ready for play (i.e. walls not in place, goals not in place), the start of the game can be delayed until the rink is ready for play. Once the referee has deemed the rink ready for play, the clock can be started
  3. Each game will consist of two 22-minute running time halves.
  4. The official will keep track of time and score.
  5. In the last minute of the game or in overtime, the clock will stop on every whistle if the game is tied or within 1 goal.
  6. Each team will be allowed two (2) 60-second time-outs per game. Timeouts can only be shortened if both teams are ready to play. A team may only call a time-out during a stoppage of play. There are NO timeouts in overtime.
  7. The clock will run during player injuries unless the official deems the injury as serious.  The official may also stop the clock for other circumstances deemed appropriate.
  8. All regular season games can end in a tie. No overtime will be played during the regular season
  9. During the playoffs, if the game is tied at the end of regulation, a 3-minute sudden-death period will be played.  If after one 3-minute period no winner has been decided, then a 3 player shoot-out will take place (1 of the 3 players must be a woman).  If no winner is declared after a 3-player shoot-out, then one-shot rounds will take place until a winner is determined (shoot out order alternates between male & female players until all females have shot, no male players may shoot twice until all teammates have taken a shot).
  1. A face-off is used: to begin each period, after each goal and after any stoppage in play. Players must square up on a face-off, keep their sticks on the floor and cannot use their bodies to lean in and gain advantage.  An infraction of this rule will result in the official asking for two new players to face-off.
  2. Offside will only apply to face-offs. All players must be on their defensive side during the face-off.
  3. Incidental contact may occur during the faceoff but any contact deemed intentional will be called and a penalty will be assessed.
  4. There is no icing.
  5. A player may knock down a puck in the air with their hand, however, they cannot catch or pass the puck with their hand. Infractions for this rule will result in a face-off or a penalty shot in the event the infraction is committed in the defending team’s crease area.
  6. A goalie is permitted to catch the puck in their glove. A goalie must put the puck in play within 3 seconds if no defenders are around. If a defender is within the goalie’s immediate vicinity, the goalie may hold the puck and wait for a whistle.  Anytime a goalie falls on the puck or traps it on the floor with his glove the play will be whistled dead and result in a face-off.
  7. When clearing the puck, goalies must keep their stick below waist height.  If a goalie throws or shoots it past the centerline a player from his/her team cannot touch the puck first.  A player from the opposing team must first touch the puck; otherwise, it will result in a face-off in the offender’s zone.
  8. Substitutions can be made at any time. If the puck is alive, a player can only enter the court when the other player is completely off the court. Players entering or leaving play must use the doors to do so (no hopping over the walls).
  1. A goal is scored when the puck passes completely across the plane of the goal line and can be scored from anywhere on the court.
  2. Goals will not count if a stick blade is above the waist level after the shot, kicked in or the hand bats the puck intentionally. Goals will however be counted if the ball bounces off a player incidentally. This will be up to the official’s judgement
  3. A penalty shot will be awarded if a defensive player throws a stick to prevent the puck from entering the net.
  4. GOAL CREASE VIOLATIONS. If a member of the offensive team takes up position in the defensive team’s crease with or without the puck, the whistle is blown and the face-off is at the other end of the rink. If a player interferes with the goalie trying to make a save in the crease, a minor penalty will be called. If any player on the defensive team grabs or covers up the puck in the crease, it results in a penalty shot.


1.      ALL penalties are at the discretion of the game officials.  If an official feels that a player is playing “out of control” or in a dangerous manner, then the official has the right to give that player a verbal warning. If the player does not start to play in a safe manner, then the official has the right to issue a penalty or eject the player from the game. Given the circumstances, a verbal warning is not a prerequisite for an ejection

2.      Teams cannot play with fewer than three (3) players. If more than two (2) players are penalized during the same time, penalties shall be served in succession. If ejections cause a team to be left with less than 3 players, that team will automatically forfeit the game, regardless of score or time remaining

3.      ONLY minor penalties will expire if the team playing with the advantage scores a goal. Penalty minutes will carry over into the next period. If two or more players are penalized only one player may return per goal scored against their team. The player who has the least amount of time left on their penalty will return.

4.      When a violation occurs, a delayed penalty (held whistle) will be called if the offended player/team retains possession of the puck and has a clear opportunity to score.

5.  Any player who receives 4 MINOR penalties of any combination shall be disqualified from the remainder of the game.  Disqualification = ejection = automatic one-game suspension 

6.      Any player who receives 2 MAJOR penalties shall be disqualified from the remainder of the game A player could also face league expulsion if the game official and League Director feel that their actions were in the intent to hurt another player(s).  Disqualification = ejection = automatic one-game suspension


Common penalties/violations include…

Boarding                                                        Hooking

Butt ending (stick infraction) Interference
Charging Kicking
Contact with goalie Playing with a broken stick
Cross Checking Pushing
Dangerous Play (ref’s discretion) Roughing
Delay of Game Slashing
Elbowing Spearing
Fighting Too Many Players on the ice
Hand Pass Throwing the stick
High Stick Tripping


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

All minor penalties will result in the player serving a 2-minute penalty.  Minor penalties will end if the team with the advantage scores a goal.

  1. Minor penalties include: (Note: penalties are at the discretion of the game official)
  • High sticking – Players must keep the stick below waist level at all times
  • Body Checking – Incidental contact may occur however, any contact above the level of minimal, as determined by the game referee, will result in a penalty. The degree of contact will determine the severity of the penalty and players may be assessed a major penalty or be subject to ejection for flagrant contact.
  • Holding or kicking an opponent’s stick.  A player cannot hold another player’s stick using their hands or by “trapping” another player’s stick by placing their stick on top and holding the other player’s stick down.
  • Interference – inhibiting the progress of an opponent when they do not have the puck, knocking the stick out of the opponent’s hand, or preventing a player from regaining possession of a dropped stick.
  • Intentionally sliding or leaving the feet will result in a minor penalty.  This action must be intentional in order for it to be viewed as an infraction.  Unintentional leaving the feet will result in a delayed whistle and no penalty. This is up to the official’s discretion.
  • Intentionally moving the net. Intentional moving of the net to prevent a goal-scoring opportunity will result in a minor and a penalty shot. If the official deems the moving unintentional, a face-off will occur.
  •  Intentionally delaying the game by intentionally shooting the puck out of the rink (at the official’s discretion).
  •  Backing down an opponent – A player with the ball cannot turn their body around and intentionally back down an opponent.
  1. Minor penalties could be considered “Major Penalties” if viewed as such by the official. 
  1. All major penalties will result in that player serving a 5-minute penalty.  Major penalties do not end if the other team scores.
  2. Major penalty fouls include: (Note: penalties are at the discretion of the game official)
  • Intentional Tripping – Intentionally tripping another player by using the stick or any body part. Unintentional tripping will result in a whistle and face-off.
  • Throwing the stick intentionally or slamming the stick
  • Fouling a player during a breakaway or clear scoring opportunity.
  1. 2 major penalties result in an ejection from the remainder of the game, and an automatic 1 game suspension for the following game. If a player’s actions are deemed as dangerous and with intent to harm, the league office may determine the player is no longer welcome to participate in the league.
  2. Major penalties may be considered Code of Conduct violations if viewed as such by the official. 
  3. The game referee shall note the following information when a player is ejected: the offender’s name and team name, the nature of the ejection, the date and time of the game, and any other relative information. In the event the offending player does not cooperate, the official will ask the team captain for information. If the team captain (if the captain is not present, whoever was identified as the game captain at the beginning of the match) and the offending player both refuse to cooperate, they will both be ejected and subject to further punishment.
  1.  A penalty shot will be awarded to a player who, in the official’s judgment had a clear opportunity to shoot on goal and was prevented from doing so by a defender interfering with them or the goal. A penalty shot will be awarded if a defender stops a clear opportunity for an offensive player to score a goal by throwing their stick or covering the puck within the crease.
  2.  All players except the goalie and the player attempting the shot will move to the opposite half of the court/floor. The shooting player will take the puck from center court and have 10 seconds to shoot. They must keep the puck in motion towards the net at all times.
  3.  The goalie must stay stationary inside their crease until the puck is played by the shooting player.
  4.   If the shot is missed, play will immediately be dead and a face-off will occur at the nearest designated spot on the floor. If the shot is made a face-off will occur at center court.

If multiple teams are tied, the seeds will be determined by the following tiebreakers, going through in order.

  1. a) Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower
  2. b) Head to Head (only if all tied teams played each other an equal number of times)
  3. c) Goals Against
  4. d) Goal Differential 


Code of Conduct:

HUB Sports Boston is a recreational sports league. As such we expect a certain code of conduct on the part of our participants.

Participants in leagues/tournaments/events run by HUB Sports Boston are expected to abide by and uphold the code of conduct on the field of play. Verbal abuse of any kind towards opponents, officials/referees, teammates, staff, spectators, etc will not be tolerated. Any threat or taunt made towards an individual by a HUB Sports Boston participant will warrant a minimum 3-game suspension. If the threat is deemed egregious enough the suspension will be escalated to an entire season or calendar year. Any physical abuse by a HUB Sports Boston participant will warrant a minimum of a full calendar year suspension. A permanent ban may also be issued to the offending party. Undue physical contact with another player, a referee, or a HUB staff member may also result in criminal prosecution. HUB Sports Boston reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone who has broken our code of ethics at any point as a participant in our sports leagues/tournaments/events. Any player suspended from the field of play must submit a written assurance that they will follow our code of conduct before they step foot on to the field again. Any accusations made by a participant regarding a code of conduct violation will be investigated by HUB Staff and any determination made hereto will be in their sole discretion. All final decisions made on player eligibility will be made by senior HUB Sports Boston Staff.


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