Team Spotlight – Concealed Head (West End on the Charles League)

“Concealed Head is comprised of a group of friends from a few teams here in Boston. Half our team comes from Akelius, a real estate company while the other half are friendships made in an summer architecture league. Our sponsor is Massachusetts Code Compliance, a company providing¬†testing & inspections of Fire Protection systems, as well as design & install services. A few teams inquired what the story is behind our team name…. it’s a type of sprinkler. :) ūüí¶” – Sean Mentzinger (team captain)

Every week Hub Sports will feature a team from one of our many different sports leagues throughout Greater Boston. It’s our way of saying thanks to you for being such great team players within our organization on and off the field! We would love to feature your team in our next “Team Spotlight”, to be included just shoot us over an email with a brief summary on the team and a quick snap shot. You’re that close to being famous and a true #HubAllStar

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