Spring Softball Registration is OPEN!

Well folks it’s that time of year again, Spring softball is on the horizon! Groundhog Day has come and gone, and pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in about a week. Sunsets are now after 5 PM again and you can almost taste Spring in the air, almost. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves now, we do live in New England after all. An April snowstorm is a harsh reality for all of us and therefore that’s why fields don’t officially open until mid to late April here in Greater Boston. Many will say that the weather changes here in New England are what makes us so tough. New Englanders are used shoveling a couple feet of snow only to get to work the next day. We’re used to wearing a North Face down jacket in the morning and a tee shirt in the afternoon on some days. It’s days like these that shape the mold of who we are in this region of the country. Bet you didn’t know that 1/4th of the countries whole population lives within 500 miles of Boston, did you? Despite the harsh weather we have a lot going on here in this part of the country.

Circling back to this whole softball thing, it’s no secret that we (HUB Sports Boston) are the largest adult slow-pitch softball program in New England. Last year in 2017 we had 94 different softball league championships running from April-November. That amounts to roughly 6,000+ male and female softball players that participated in our organization last year. Not too shabby. So why are we #1 in New England? There are a variety of tangible aspects that make us the top dog. For one, we offer the most leagues of anyone. If you want to play in Brighton near your apartment, boy are you in luck. This year you’re going to have a choice to play in Brighton Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6 PM, 7:15 PM, 8 PM or 9:15 PM. You have maximum flexibility for the day and time you want to play. Let’s take the more downtown city crowd for example now. You want to play at Teddy Ebersol Field or on the Boston Common? Bingo you hit the jackpot again, this Spring we’ll be offering multiple different leagues at the premier softball fields in the city. No need to hit 95 south to head to Dedham, unless you live in Dedham, then we have a variety of different options for you as well. You live north of Boston on the 1-95 corridor? Perfect! We have the Metro North League that plays in Lexington and Medford. Are you one of those lucky youngsters to call South Boston your home? Well in this case you have a chance to walk down the street on Sundays to play in a 20+ team league, pretty sweet huh?

We all play softball for a variety of different reasons so whatever your reason is make sure you don’t find a reason NOT to play in 2018. There are the die-hards out there that will without a doubt play more softball games than a full MLB season this year, we love to see that. On the other end of the spectrum there will be plenty of people lacing up cleats and strapping on a glove for the first time in their lives. Maybe they want to try a new sport or maybe it’s a work gathering that gets them to give softball a try? For whatever reason you play softball we salute you. HUB Sports Boston would like to thank all our participants from 2017 for making us the biggest and best adult slow-pitch softball organization in New England. Things are only looking up for 2018, we’ll see you out there on the field before you know it!

Click the following link to check out all the new outdoor softball leagues in 2018 – https://goo.gl/QKjSJf

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