New Indoor Sports Action – Route One Sportsplex (Danvers, MA)

It’s the grand-daddy of them all, the new and improved Route One Sportsplex in Danvers. This is our third year in a row offering indoor softball and the second straight year of indoor flag football at this facility. We are excited to announce that the folks over at Route One have recently installed brand-new turf over the entire playing surface in addition to other aesthetic improvements around the building. One thing remains the same though, the space is one of the biggest indoor turf surfaces in the Boston area. Finding indoor turf in Boston is like finding a needle in a haystack, just doesn’t really happen. If it does happen you’re paying an arm and a leg for the space and you can probably jump and touch the ceiling. Well that doesn’t work out too well for us common folks that just want to get some exercise in over the long cold winter. There’s no better facility for indoor softball than Route 1 Sportsplex, unless you want to drive to RI or CT for your league play. We’re excited that we are the only organization to offer adult indoor softball at Route One Sportsplex. We are also the only organization to offer flag football on the full arena sized football field. That’s right, the entire field measures the same length and width that the pros play on. You can bomb the ball 60 yards down the field or hit a 35 foot pop up to left. You really get that feeling that you’re playing outside, then reality comes back into play when you open the door to get to the parking lot and you feel that nice crisp 10 degree Boston winter air. So ask yourself the question, is a 20-25 minute drive too much to play sports? Of course it’s not. Doesn’t it feel great to break out in a full sweat in the middle of winter? Hell yes it does. For the third year in a row we’re curing the couch potato syndrome associated with these cold harsh Boston winters at Route One Sportsplex in Danvers.

The action has really been heating up at this location and team and individual spots are limited at this point. Right now is your prime time opportunity to get yourself on the field for the first season this winter at Route One Sportsplex in Danvers.

Click here for all our league offerings at Route One Sportsplex

Registration will be closing for all leagues in the next 10-14 days so act now or forever hold your boredom this winter!

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