Geared Up For Gonzalez Field

The time has finally arrived, it’s time to start the soccer and flag football leagues on the highly touted brand-spanking-new Gonzalez Field in Dedham! Men’s flag football starts this upcoming Tuesday and games are at 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. The men’s soccer league will also start on Thursday next week with the same game times.

In the Greater Boston area there are a fair share of turf fields, not a lot but a handful of decent turf fields. We run leagues on turf fields in Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Brighton, Norwood, Danvers, any town that has turf in Greater Boston we’re on it. Well when we found out that this brand new $3.5 million dollar turf complex appointed “Gonzalez Field” was being built we knew we would adding yet another turf field to our arsenal.

Turf fields are certainly becoming more and more popular all around the country and especially in colder weather climates. What’s so great about turf you ask? Well this isn’t your old-school “Astro-turf” type of stuff. This turf field is the top of the line stuff that some of you are so accustomed to now. You know, the stuff with the little black rubber pellets that get stuck all in your cleats. Grass stains and mud are no longer a factor on turf and believe it or not, turf tends to have a better cushion than grass does. No wonder why it’s so popular now.

If you’re wondering if you can still get in on the action…yes you can!


Act Now or Forever Hold Your Boredom!

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