Early Bird Special Tournament Teams Preview (Teams 12-16 in no particular order)

12. M.O.B. – Captain: Cristian Pena

Hometown: Watertown, MA

A familiar face to the HUB Sports scene enters a tournament team for the first time. Cristian is the ultimate sports guy, depending on the day of the week you’ll find him playing either softball, basketball, or flag football for HUB. No doubt he has a passion for the game but who will he be wrangling up to play on Sunday? Will it be a mix of the No Mercy crew? Will he bring in some unknown ringers? One things for sure, he better bring the A squad on Sunday.

13. Advanced Auto – Captain: Anthony Cyrus

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Here we have the Golden State Warriors of the adult slow-pitch softball scene. These guys have built a “super team” and they don’t care how you feel about it. They enjoy long walks on the beach and winning, well maybe more so just winning. Coming into this tourney as the clear odds on favorite to win it all they will have to live up to their reputation and take care of business early and often. Will the random draw of the pool matchups help or hurt them this tourney? In the Fall they found themselves in the “pool of death” and every inning they played was like game 7 of the World Series. If we don’t see AA in the championship on Sunday, it’s safe to say something crazy went down.

14. Bombers – Captain: Ivan Carrasco

Hometown: Norwood, MA

The accolades for the Bombers keep piling up year after year. Much like some people we know, Ivan plays more games per year than major leaguers do. You be hard pressed to find someone more passionate and dedicated to his team. This team won a couple Sunday A division championships with HUB last year and they were able to finish in the final four of the absolutely stacked Fall Finale tournament. They call him Mighty Mouse, can he take the mighty Bombers on his shoulders to victory? Time will tell.

15. West Ave – Captain: Alex Perez

Hometown: Lynn, MA

One of the final late additions to the tournament is Alex’s squad out of the North Shore area. These guys have tasted success before in the tournament but most recently ran into a really tough pool in the last tournament they played in with us. We know that these guys have the speed, the arms, and the strength the hit the long ball. Will they hold it together and play fundamental softball throughout? They have no choice if they want to advance into bracket play.

16. Smash Brothers – Captain: James McGuinness

Hometown: Brighton, MA

Last but not least we have a perennial HUB league team jumping in on the tournament scene. Over the last couple seasons these guys have proved they can hold their own but some questions are left open about this team. They had a very strong Spring season in 2017 going 8-2 in the regular season but they got bounced in the playoffs before reaching the championship. In the summer they finished in a disappointing last place at 3-5. If they bring their best players for the tournament we think they should be able to compete just fine.

Predictions for the Early Bird final 4: Lolita, Advanced Auto, Southside, and Bombers.

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