2019 Patriots’ Day

By: James Macey

Here at HUB Sports we proudly recognize Patriots’ Day as there are a wide variety of different sports leagues that hover the Greater Boston area. With HUB there is no offseason, so don’t hesitate to stay in tune with your inner child and get yourself into a league today!

The significance of Patriots Day has strengthened over the years and is a day that all of us Bostonians look forward to. It symbolizes the loyalty and pride we share towards a city that has been nothing but exceptional in all facets of the word.

The first question that comes to my mind every year is what is there do? It might be an easy question to answer, but there’s a laundry list of activities to do during this special day. I’ll break down the four most exciting things to do during April 15th.

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: It’s been a tradition that our Red Sox play on such a memorable day for Boston. The rain in the forecast shouldn’t be a damper on these plans as Bostonians will do just about anything to watch some baseball. I’ll never forget when David Ortiz said, “This is my f***in city”. It showed how strong Boston was and how far we have come since the Boston bombings. Make sure you make it down to the game; starts at 11:05 am.

Freedom Trail Tours: Even though they happen daily, making this a part of your day off on Monday would be very beneficial to the whole family. It gives people the opportunity to learn about the American Revolution and to experience some of the rich history Boston has to offer. Tours leave from the visitor center at the Commons with discounts along the way. Why not take advantage of these amazing tours?

Battle Reenactments: Throughout the Boston, Concord, and Lexington areas, tons of re-enactments are done to celebrate the battles all weekend long. Most of them are free admission and start as early as 5:30 in the morning! It is a great way to see an exact representation of how we declared our independence. My favorite thing to do is watch the Paul Revere’s ride from Medford to Concord.

Boston Marathon: The marathon is the most important and symbolic event of the day. Hundreds to thousands of people train all year to run the marathon, but more importantly, we honor and celebrate those who lost their lives in the bombings. This year marks the 139th anniversary of the marathon, one of the longest running events in history.  People all over the world come out to our city to celebrate this special event. This year in particular, NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson among other celebrities look to run. It’s amazing to see the T filled with Bostonians and the pride flowing through their bloodstreams. If you partake in Monday’s festivities you will be apart of something bigger than just a marathon.

For more information on how to play adult sports with HUB Sports please visit their website: hubsportsboston.com


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