Flag Football Leagues in Brighton & Allston, MA

Live in Brighton or Allston and want to start playing football in the local area? HubSports Boston has the flag football leagues in Brighton & Allston to make it happen in a fast and convenient fashion.

About Flag Football Leagues At HubSports

As the fastest-growing operator of recreational sports league for adults in Boston, HubSports offers the chance to play basketball, soccer, softball and more in a fun and competitive arena. However, American football is the national obsession and our flag football leagues near Brighton & Allston are particularly popular with adults of all ages and fitness levels.

We offer flag football at world-class venues like Rogers Park in Brighton as well as places throughout the surrounding neighborhoods of Charlestown, Dedham, and South Boston. We run leagues and flag football programs for people of all abilities from complete novices to advance players. Whether you’re a little out of shape after years away from the sport or the star running back of your college team, we have a league for you.

In fact, we provide flag football to over 100 teams in Boston, running leagues on several weeknights as well as the weekends. We operate Indoor Arena Leagues, 6 v 6 matches, and Outdoor Turkey Bowl Tournament for varied fun throughout the year. Moreover, all games are officiated by two referees and league standings are updated within 24 hours of match completion.

Alternatively, if you can’t grab a whole team together, small groups can team up while individuals can look for squads to join. This truly is a great way to meet new people and socialize too. When added to the fact we offer jerseys, duffle bags, and prizes for the winners of the play-offs – which follow the regular six-game mini-seasons – this truly is the best way to play flag football in Boston.

About Flag Football in Brighton & Allston

The city of Boston is known for its love of sports and American football sits very close to the top of the pile thanks to the success of the nearby New England Patriots over the last decade or so. A passion for the field is instilled into neighborhoods like Brighton & Allston. HubSports is the perfect outlet to embrace it.

Whether you’re a student at one of the many colleges in the surrounding neighborhoods, an adult getting back into the game, or a complete newbie doesn’t matter. Our fast, fun, frantic flag football games are perfectly matched to life in Brighton & Allston.

Allston has a thriving community of professionals, and our sessions are scheduled with this in mind. Aside from convenient ties and locations, we pride ourselves on being the perfect outlet for team bonding as well as friends playing a team sport together. Upon finishing the session, you can go for a cold beer at one of the local bars too. You’ll have earned it!

Flag football is the best way to keep fit in Brighton & Allston and provides a great change from the gym or jogging. Whether it’s for a single mini-season or an ongoing commitment, flag football can be enjoyed by Brighton & Allston residents for as little or as long as required.

Come and join the fun today.

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