As we head into the final week of regular season play in the Wednesdays in Southie league things are really starting to heat up. The saying goes, “it’s anyone’s game” well that saying couldn’t be truer in this league. Below you’ll find a brief write up on all teams competing for the championship in the playoffs that begin one week from this Wednesday.

#1 – Rebels

Captain: Carl Plaut

Carl and the boys are not used to losing in flag football. They have been pretty dominant in 2017 amassing a 12-1 record so far on the year. They’re 4-1 in the Fall season after just suffering their first set back of the year on a 34-33 nail biter. Watch out for these guys to come out more focused than ever with the eyes on the prize, a second championship trophy this season.

#2 – Show Me Those TD’s

Captain: Al Ganem

Al and his squad are a close second in the rankings right now. Not to be taken lightly these guys have some speed and it shows when they let a long bomb fly. They will have to tighten it up on defense if they hope to make it all the way to the finals. They’ve given up a few more points than they’ve scored and that’s not a recipe for W’s. They’re at the top of the division for a reason though so don’t take them for granted.

#3 – Paul’s Wrecking Crewe

Captain: Nate Cullen

Nate and the crew are literally a few plays away from being undefeated and the top dogs in this division. Fresh off their victory over the previously undefeated Rebels team has Nate and the team flying on cloud 9 right now. Week 1 they lost by a matter of inches with their receiver catching a TD pass with a toe on the line that would have won the game. Their other defeat was by a point. The proof is in the pudding these guys can definitely ball.

#4 – Chef Cardo’s Cake Factory

Captain: Ryan Parker

Ryan and his team are another prime example of a team that is only a few plays away from calling themselves top dogs as well. Coming into the final week of play with a 3-2 record, these guys can put up points and put them up in a hurry. They’re currently sitting at +60 in points differential with almost 200 points scored in 5 games, whoa.

#5 – The Southie Squad

Captain: Deondra Randle

This squad is comprised of guys that all signed up individually and were placed together to form a team. “Indy” teams as we call them tend to have trouble out of the gates getting acquainted and establishing team comradery. These guys have made an exception to that. They have formed a tight team bond and the success has quickly followed. They dropped their first two games but have come back with a vengeance taking 3 straight to sit at 3-2 and a great dark-horse pick.

#6 – East Broadway Eagles

Captain: Andrew Thomas

Andrew and his Eagles team have had a bit of a roller coaster season. However, with a record of 3-2 they are right in the thick of it. They have a +5 point differential right now and currently sit in 6th place. If a couple plays went differently for them they very well could be a top 1-2 team. They hail from Southie and all went to BC together, the team name says it all. They also took home a couple intermural championships at BC so they know the feeling of victory and they like it.

#7 – Poon Squad

Captain: Peter Vakulskas

The record for Peter’s team is 3-2 but they very well could be lumped up in the top if they hadn’t dropped a close one last week by 2. That’s basically how it’s gone in this league. Every week you have to show up and play your hardest, there are no weeks off. Believe it or not a win could vault these guys up to a 3-4 seed for the playoffs. They’re +25 in points differential, scoring the 3rd most in the league. Obviously, these guys are not to be taken lightly.

#8 – Dawgedness

Captain: Tyler Nordbeck

Tyler and his guys are gamers, you can never count these guys out. They have an arsenal of weapons on the ground and in the air. Some inconsistencies at the QB position have cost them a couple close ones but they’re coming up their first victory of the Fall season and feeling confident they can keep the wheels in motion. Don’t ever count them out as they pulled off some upsets in the Summer season. These guys just can’t get enough, we’ll see them back for the indoor winter season as well!

#9 – FactSet

Captain: Ryan McKay

Don’t let the 1-4 record fool you, these guys, like all other teams in this league have dropped some real close ones. They came out the gate with a resounding 50-6 victory but since have dropped the rest of their games, all within less than 2 touchdowns though. They have the talent to beat anyone in the division, but they’ll need to be dominant on defense to come out victorious and keep advancing in the playoffs.

Playoffs start on 11/8 and will wrap up with the semifinals and championship on 11/15. All the action takes place at McConnell Park in Savin Hill between 8-11 PM. Flag football doesn’t stop when Old Man Winters comes knocking. We move the game indoors [click here] for all the indoor flag football action this Winter. Space is definitely filling up fast so don’t get left out in the cold in 2017!

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