First 6 Teams (in no particular order)

1. SOUTHSIDE – Captain: Nikki Cignarella
Hometown: Norwood, MA

The Southside Tavern crew comes in with plenty of experience playing in Hub tournaments. Almost always we see this team advance from their pool to the championship rounds. They’re confident they’ll be right back there this year. If they keep the long ball to a minimum and play solid defense they’re sure to be a tough out.

2. NEPHEWS – Captain: David Scherer
Hometown: Somerville, MA

This team is also no stranger to Hub tourneys. Every year they come to compete and have been known to pull off an upset or two. A short little tidbit of info from them: “A bunch of 20 somethings just playing for the love of the game. We may not look like much; we may not win all the time; but we’ve got heart; and what’s more, we’re family! NEPHEWS!!!”

3. FOREPLAY – Captain: Steve Matteo
Hometown: Wilmington, MA

Steve has his group poised for an upset run. We got to chat with his crew last year and they certainly know how to have a good time, plus they’re never short with burgers or dogs on the grill! These guys don’t boast major power but they’re masters at getting on base and their speed on the base paths will lead to some headaches for teams.

4. THRILL RIDE – Captain: Keith Jones
Hometown: Plymouth, MA

This is a group of players hand selected from all over the south and north shore. Many of them play in Hub leagues throughout the week and weekend. They’ve been here before and their experience could lead to a lot of success on the field come Saturday.

5. SH TRAP HOUSE – Captain: Brendan Clooney
Hometown: Dorchester, MA

This squad is primarily comprised of the Hub Sunday Night League “Kekambas” team. They’re currently sitting in 3rd place in the division with a .500 record. Don’t let their average record fool you. They’ve entered this tournament with one goal and that’s to win at all costs.

6. DIRT DOGS – Captain: Paul Schoenfelder
Hometown: East Providence, RI

There is no doubt that Paul is a gamer. This guy is currently rostered on 4 different Hub rosters and his team is comprised of all Hub players. Coming up from Rhode Island these guys mean business. They have been involved in some really tight games in years past. This year is the year they look to break through and advance to the championship round. The Dirt Dogs have a lot of bark in their bite but can they move on?

The preview of the next 6 teams will be released in the next 24 hours. STAY TUNED!

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