Flag Football Leagues in Brookline, MA

Do you wish to start playing flag football in Brookline either with your friends or a team of new players? If so, HubSports Boston has the perfect solution.

About HubSports Boston’s Flag Football Leagues

HubSports is Boston’s number one organizer of casual and competitive recreational sports leagues, and we are proud to provide flag football to over 100 teams in and around the Brookline area. Meanwhile, our flag football programs near Brookline include venues at Charleston and Brighton.

Our flag football leagues include Indoor Arena Leagues, 6 v 6 matches, and Outdoor Turkey Bowl Tournaments. Whether looking for year-round fun or short-term seasonal play, flag football in Brookline has never been so fun. Better still, we boast leagues for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players alike.

Flag football near Brookline occurs on several evenings throughout the week as well as the weekends. Whether it’s your weekly exercise or forms a part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, the games are sure to become your new favorite hobby.

League matches comprise of two 20-minute halves and can accommodate squads of up to 11 with rolling substitutions. Our highly structured organizers provide jerseys, duffel bags, and everything else needed to enjoy flag football activities to the max throughout the summer and winter months.

All matches are officiated by two referees while all league standings are updated on a daily basis. Following the completion of the regular season, which is usually 6-8 matches long, the best teams progress to a play-off tournament with prizes being awarded to the overall champions before the fun starts all over again.

The fun of football without the threat of hard-tackling injuries starts right here.

About Flag Football in Brookline

Like all of Boston, Brookline is mad for American football, not least thanks to the success of the nearby New England Patriots. In fact, six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady was even born in the neighborhood. American football ingrained into the DNA of the area.

Colleges are another focal part of life in Brookline, and our flag football leagues are a hit with students. Whether it’s a form of training for the American football team or a relaxed and enjoyable way to stay in touch with friends away from campus in a fun and productive manner doesn’t matter, HubSports has the organized games to keep you smiling. And when you’ve finished the game, you can always hit the bar to enjoy a well-deserved drink.

Brookline is a great place to live but finding physical activities away from the gym can be a little challenging as we get older, which is why the flag football leagues near Brookline have become increasingly popular with those in their thirties and forties. This truly is the best way to reconnect with your youth and prove that you still have the talent.

Flag football is the ultimate recreational sport in Brookline and the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the convenient venue locations are ideal for those working in the city who want a fun midweek sporting activity to enjoy.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Come and join Boston’s fastest-growing sporting leagues today.

Fancy yourself as a football star but don’t quite fancy missing weeks of work due to the hard-hitting challenges of the traditional game? Flag football is the answer, and HubSports Boston has the flag football leagues in Cambridge, MA to provide a lifetime of fun for men and women alike.

About Flag Football At HubSports Boston

HubSports Boston is proud to be the city’s fastest-growing provider of adult recreational sports leagues across a variety of games. While we believe that variety is the spice of life, there’s no doubting that football is our national obsession. If you’re looking for a fast, frantic, competitive, and safe environment to throw the pigskin, our flag football leagues are the answer.

Flag football at HubSports is enjoyed by over 100 teams across Boston. We offer leagues for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced athletes, meaning that there’s something for everyone.

Crucially, HubSports organizes indoor and outdoor leagues while also offering a range of different games and variants. We use the best equipment including Flag-a-tag Sonic Flags while games are officiated by two referees for fair and safe play.

Whether seeking a casual or competitive league, the 40-minute matches are fuelled by fun. After the game, league standings and stats are updated on a daily basis. After the completion of the regular season, a tournament style play-off will be used to determine the overall winner of the season while prizes are awarded to the champions and best players.

Flag football brings all the fun of pigskin to your hands without any of the troubles traditionally associated with the game. For new players, individuals returning to sport after years away, or college teams wanting to brush up on their skills, flag football at HubSports is sure to leave you smiling.

About Flag Football in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is American football mad. Whether it’s following the Harvard team or the nearby New England Patriots, the game transcends sport to become a major part of the culture. Flag football is a great way to get involved with the action.

It’s not always easy to enjoy physical activities in the largely residential area of Cambridge without hitting the gyms, so flag football is a welcome break. With leagues taking place on several weeknights, as well as weekends, in Cambridge as well as multiple nearby neighborhoods, everyone can enjoy the recreational adult leagues.

Flag football in Cambridge is a great way to link up with fellow football fans, either as a team or an individual player. While we believe in providing fast and varied action is very much the main focus of our flag football leagues, the additional benefit of forming friendships is a bonus. Not least because it can bring fans together ahead of the next Pats game.

Whether you’re a college player at Harvard University or a 40-something getting back into the game, HubSports are here to help you find the perfect league for your personal requirements.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the fun in Cambridge today!

Player Waiver & Release Form

Every player must compete the Player Registration prior to the first scheduled game of the season. Any team that has not submitted all of their player waivers by that time will have its scheduled games declared a forfeit until all registrations are received. If a player fails to submit their online player registration, all liability and legal issues will be the responsibility of the team captain. HUB Sports Boston will not be responsible for players that do not submit a player registration.

Players may be listed only on one teams roster per season throughout the league. For a player to be considered playoff eligible (eligible to participate in the playoffs), he/she must be listed on a teams roster and must have played in a minimum of two regular season games for that particular team.


Game Play

Field of Play – The following dimensions will be in effect. Bases will be marked off at 60′ (whenever possible) and the mound will be marked off at 45′. Directions to The HUB fields are located on the league website in the Locations drop down menu.


HUB Sports will provide field equipment. This will consist of a 10-inch playground ball and bases. Players on a team must wear same colored t-shirts during all games, chosen before the season begins.


Games will be officiated by 1 (one) referee. The home plate referee issues all final rulings. Only a team captain or co-captain may dispute a call with the referee. The referee has jurisdiction over the play and may penalize a player, including game ejection, for un-sportsman like conduct. Ejected players may not return to the game and if necessary may be asked to leave the premises.


All players must be 21 years of age or older. Players may only play on a team on which they are registered. Exception: You may function as a substitute player for another team if they are short a man or woman. This is ONLY valid during the regular season.

Team Rosters

Team rosters are unlimited. A team may not play more than 10 players at a time in the field. Each team is required to have at least 3 females in the field in each inning.

Every player present is required to be in the kicking line up.  If a team does not have the required minimum number of female players in the fielding lineup, then the team must forfeit.

If a team is short players, they MUST have a catcher & pitcher and then play short in the field.

If a team only has 8 fielders, the opponent will supply a non-defensive catcher. A team must supply their own catcher if they have 9 or more players.

If a team cannot field at least 6 players (Minimum of 2 Females), they automatically forfeit.

Regulation Game

Games will be 7 innings or 45 minutes, whichever comes first and depending on the season and sunset times. If there is a tie after 7 innings, extra innings can be played if the 45 minute time limit has not expired. Games that have reached the time limit are tied in score will be scored as a Tie Game.

If game cannot be finished for any reason: 4 completed innings is a legal game (3 1/2 if home team is ahead). Game length is 7 innings or 45-minutes -time and weather permitting. Ties will stand if game is called, due to weather. If inning cannot be completed due to darkness or weather, score reverts back to last completed inning (unless game is in bottom of inning and home team is now ahead), and a winner is declared (unless 3 innings have not been played). During Playoffs, games must be completed, if stopped due to weather or darkness it will be continued at point of interruption with same lineups. 


The ball must be pitched from the pitching rubber.  The ball must be rolled smoothly on the ground, no bouncing. The pitcher has to stay behind the pitching strip until the ball is kicked  NO WALKS – even though there will be balls and strikes there are no walks. Ball must be pitched correctly! The catcher cannot cross home plate until after the ball is kicked. Three foul kicks is an out.


The catcher must start behind the kicker until the ball is kicked. The catcher shall not interfere with the kicker in any way. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball.


All kicks must be made by the foot. Any lower leg contact while attempting to kick the ball will be considered a kick regardless of where it strikes the leg or foot.

All kicks must occur at or behind home plate. Both feet must be on or behind home plate at the time the ball is kicked. If one or more feet are in front of home plate at the time the ball is kicked, it is a foul and the kick is called back (if such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out). A kick must remain within bounds until it crosses past first or third base.

Bunting is not allowed. A bunt is defined as a kick that does not travel past the 20 foot line/markers and remain in fair territory. Any kick that does not travel past the 20 foot line/markers will result in a foul.

Kicking Order

Kicking order.  There must be at least 3 females in the batting order.  A team may not bat more than two males between each female except at the end of the lineup when the lineup is turning over.

Ghost out.  If a team has less than the minimum number of female batters a ghost out will be assessed every time that female spot comes up in the order.

Players arriving late.  A player arriving after the batting order has turned over must be placed at the bottom of the order. Unless the late arriving player is a missing women and then she is placed in the female spot in the order. Late arriving players must be announced to the umpire and the opposing team.

Players leaving early.  A male player who cannot bat (injury, or has left the premises) in their designated spot is not penalized. That spot in the order is simply skipped. If a female player leaves early, her spot in the order is considered a Ghost out. Players who have been ejected from the game will be considered an out in the batting order. A forfeit will be declared if a team is left with less than 7 players.


A runner touched by a ball any time while not on base  Any kicked ball that is caught (fair or foul – before touching the ground)  Three foul kicks is an out. A ball in possession of the fielder on the a base to which a runner is forced to run  A runner off their base when the ball is kicked (no leading) 

  • Runners must stay within the base line. Fielders must stay out of the base line unless they are attempting to tag a runner out or catch the ball. Fielders trying to make an out on base may have their foot on base, but must lean out of the base line. First base will have two bases side by side (similar to softball), one for the fielder and one for the runner which should eliminate collisions and injuries. Runners unfairly hindered by any fielder within the base line shall be safe at the base to which they were running.
  • Neither leading off base, nor stealing a base is allowed. A runner may only move off his/her base after the ball has been kicked and you cant pass the runner in front of you. These are outs.
  • Hitting a runner with the ball above shoulder level is not allowed. Any runner hit above the shoulders (neck or head) is safe and advances one base. Exceptions: If the runner intentionally uses his head to block the ball. The runner is out. If the runner is ducking, diving or sliding (i.e. attempts to dodge the ball) and is hit in the head or neck because of this, he/she is out.
  • If a kicked ball is caught on the fly, runners must tag their originating base (on or after the moment the ball is first touched by a fielder) before running to the next base. There is no infield fly rule.
  • Only one base on an overthrow is allowed to the runner. If there is an overthrow at second base, then this rule does not apply because the ball is still in play. The one base is not automatic and the runner must take the risk of being made out. The one base is only available before the play ends.
  • No sliding or diving into bases

A foul is defined as:

  • a kick landing out of bounds. The foul is determined by where the ball lands not how it travels to get there. Remember that if such a kick is caught on the fly it is an out
  • a kick landing inbounds, but traveling out of bounds on its own before reaching first or third base. (Any ball touched by an in-bounds fielder is automatically in play)
  • a ball that is tipped while being kicked but continues to travel behind the kicker; but if such a kick is caught on the fly it is an out
  • a kicker touching (or kicking) the ball twice while on or behind home plate (i.e., in foul territory); but if such a kick is caught on the fly it is an out
  • Any foul that hits a tree or other outside object is a dead ball and not eligible to be caught for an out. The ball remains a foul.
  • Three fouls is an out

Players should have no intentional or unwelcome physical contact with opposing players. Doing so will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and it will be at the discretion of the referee to issue warnings or eject offending players. A player must make the referee aware if he or she feels any contact was unwarranted.

The team captain shall ensure that their players behave themselves.

Consumption of alcohol on the fields is strictly prohibited.

Playoff eligibility –  All teams are required to sign the HUB Sports player waiver. This will act as your public team roster. Only players on this roster who have played in at least 3 of their team’s games are eligible to play in the playoffs. Teams are not allowed to use fill in players during the playoffs. If a team is found using a player not on the team’s public website the following penalties are enforced: If the illegal (Fill-in) player is identified prior to the illegal player’s at bat the player is removed from the field with no further penalty. If the illegal player is identified after the player’s at bat the player is removed from the line-up, a ghost out is recorded in their spot and the team will receive a 2 run penalty. If removing illegal players from a lineup results in a team having 6 or less rostered players and/or no female rostered players than the infringing team must forfeit.

Qualifying Teams – Teams with 2 or more forfeits are not eligible to make the playoffs. Top teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs. The number of qualify in teams depends on the size of the division. Usually between 50 and 65% of teams qualify for the playoffs. Once the final number of teams in the division has been determined an announcement will be made as to how many teams will qualify in that division

Tie-breakers  – The following tie-breakers will be used to determine playoff eligibility and seeding: In the case of two teams ending the season with identical records the first tiebreaker is head to head record, followed by overall runs against, followed by overall run differential. In the case of two teams ending the season with identical records but have not played each other the first tie-breaker is overall runs against, followed by overall run differential. Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower.

If three or more teams end the season with identical records the first tiebreaker is head to head record among the tied teams, followed by overall runs against, followed by overall run differential. Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower.

Tie breakers are not always calculated automatically by your website and may require a HUB official to manually override the final displayed standings. You will receive an email with the final standings and playoff seeding if necessary.

Substitutes – Teams may not use substitute players in the playoffs. Teams risk having their playoffs forfeited if they use substitute players.


No Umpire – Occasionally events occur outside of our control and we make every attempt to respond quickly and effectively to outside disruptions. If an umpire has not arrived by game time, please call the league office and we will determine the cause of the umpire’s absence. Usually a replacement umpire can be sent to the field quickly. Teams should begin the game without an umpire until the umpire arrives.

No Lights – If you arrive at the field and no lights are on by game time please call the league office and we will attempt to get someone to the field to turn on the lights. In some cases, the lights are controlled by a 3rd party like the Boston Parks and Recreation Dept. and they are either on timers or turned on by an agent of the office. If we are unable to reach someone to turn on the lights, we will make an attempt to move your game to nearby field if it can be done with minimum disruption. If we are unable to either have the lights turned on or move your game, your game will be re-scheduled. If you have already paid the umpire, you will not be required to pay the umpire for your rescheduled game.

Field Occupied – If you arrive at the field and it is occupied by another group please call the league office and we will speak directly with the other party. Do not attempt to throw someone off the field as usually this can be resolved easily. If we are unable to resolve the issue either by moving the other party or moving our game to another field, we will reschedule your game. Rest assured that we have the permits for all the fields and times we use but sometimes town’s double book a field and fail to notify us or people utilize the field without the permit. If you have already paid the umpire, you will not be required to pay the umpire for your rescheduled game.


Southie – ‘God’s Country’

By: Nic Flohr

South Boston, known as “God’s Country” to anyone genuine, born and raised Southie resident is a town with the identity of a city. To those same residents, like myself, Southie holds an almost magical feeling of home. It’s housed residents from notorious mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger to Congressman Stephen Lynch. In recent days Southie is becoming home to a lot of young urban professionals (“yuppies”) as well. With the addition of this new population, I thought I’d emphasize some of what makes the greatest place on earth, the greatest place on earth.

Let’s start with The Island. Not just home to Sullivan’s (“Sullies”), the best burgers, dogs and fries in Southie, but also to Fort Independence, once held by the British during the Revolutionary War. That’s right, believe it or not, the castle at Castle Island wasn’t just made to host its annual haunted house every October. It’s a landmark that represents our accomplishments against the Red Coats on Evacuation Day of 1776 where we claimed and eventually rebuilt the fort to be utilized in later wars. A lot of people don’t realize that our St. Patty’s Day Parade is also in celebration of that evacuation day.  It’s totally worth the trip this summer to grab some food and maybe an ice cold raspberry-lime rickey at Sullie’s, check out the castle and take a walk around the sugar bowl.

If walking isn’t really your pace and you’re more of a runner, The Island is also a great place to go on evening jogs. From the sugar bowl, you can continue down Day Blvd and jog along Carson Beach, a popular stretch for runners and dog walkers alike. And since we’re already being healthy, as you’re going on your run, consider making a pit stop into the L St. Bathhouse (Located along Day Blvd, at the bottom of L St.) and getting yourself a gym membership.

Now that we’ve been out and healthy exploring the Island and Carson Beach, it’s time to reward ourselves with a few drinks on the weekend. Take a stroll down Broadway on a Friday/Saturday night and you can’t miss the lines outside of The Lincoln, The Playwright, Shannanigans, Stats, The Junction, The Broadway, Capo and plenty other popular bars. If you’re a Matt Damon or classic movie fan, consider grabbing a drink at the L St. Tavern, located at the corner of L and 8th, the actual film location where Will Hunting (played by Damon) told off that rich Harvard student in “Good Will Hunting”.

At the same time, as you’re roaming around Southie, practically everywhere you go, you should be in view of The Heights. If you don’t know, what I’m referring to is the large hill in the heart of Southie with the Dorchester Heights Monument perched at the top…can’t miss it. Back to our history lesson from Castle Island though, the heights served as a tactical advantage for George Washington and the Patriots during Evacuation Day. On that day in 1776, Washington set up canons atop the hill with a perfect vantage point over not only the fort at Castle Island but the entire harbor as well, a significant part of what we can attribute to our victory thereafter.

So, what should you do with this new information? Even if this entire piece was just a refresher of everything you already knew and were aware of, take it as a reminder to go and enjoy God’s country. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just came here recently, you’ve probably noticed that Southie is a prideful place. As I said, we’re a town with the identity of a city; Embrace it. Embrace also that you are living in Boston, the best sports city in the world: A city that’s disappointed in winning ‘only’ 2 of the 4 major sports titles in the same year. Whether it’s just yourself or you and a group of friends are looking to get out, embrace your new-found or re-found love for Southie, and do something active this summer, consider signing up for a softball, soccer, basketball, or even flag football league through HUB Sports! Do your best George Washington impressions and set up your own cannons in the outfield of Moakley, behind the line of scrimmage at Evans, or behind the three-point line of Condon CC. The link below will take you to all upcoming leagues waiting for you join, ‘How do you like them Apples!’.

Check out all the Southie Sports Leagues: http://bit.ly/2LjMgPM

The Evolution of a “Gym Class Hero”
By: August Sample

My name is Gus Sample and I’m a “gym class hero”. I’m also Collegiate club athlete that plays between 25-30 games including playoffs for the Fairfield University Ice Hockey team and I’m a new intern here at HUB Sports. Yes, I know, I am not in the minority when I say, “gym class hero”, there has to be somewhere between millions to billions of people of all shapes and sizes and ages that consider themselves a “gym class hero” Hell, I’ll be the first one to admit, when “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen comes on, you can catch me in my feels. However, why do people feel ashamed or even embarrassed to be in the category of a “gym class hero”? I mean come on, when someone calls me a “gym class hero” I’m never like, “ohhhh don’t call me that, I am not that washed up.” But to those people, I almost always guess they are in denial, which my grandpa always said, “the first step of denial is denial.” I don’t know what that means, but it’s provocative, it gets the people going…I hope. Either way when someone calls me a “gym class hero” most always my response is, “hell yeah I am washed up.” However, you never have seen me on the HUB Sports softball diamond, I’m a two-time Gold Glove at third base, what you know about it? The sad reality is that we at HUB Sports do not keep track of errors or give out gold gloves, at least to my knowledge, like I stated before I am simply just an intern. Although if we did, oh boy would I be all over. My point when writing this blog is not about how “gym class heroes” are the coolest people, it’s more of a PSA on why we “gym class heroes” love playing sports.

Born in Chicago, moved to Florida, then to Cape Cod and finally settling into Concord Mass, my mom who played Field Hockey in college knew how important it was for her kids (four of them) to play sports; no matter where we were. Growing up I feel as if my mom killed two birds with one stone with regards to us playing sports. Not only was it great for the two boys (my brother and I) to release the energy which we did not have a lack of, but also to gain social skills. Athletes, no matter what level they end up playing in, we all have the same path. When we’re younger it goes from let’s have a playdate after the soccer game to being in high school, which after those games it led to, where’s the party? Now playing for HUB Sports it’s, let’s go have a beer or four at the nearest bar. Professionals well, they get paid so they can’t complain. The point is that sports are not just for the competitive aspect. Yes, I’m not going to sit here and say everyone should get a trophy, because personally, I think that’s soft. But as we grow older, we as “gym class heroes” must understand that we do not play sports for the parties or the fame. Personally, I play sports for three reasons. Reason one, I hate going to the gym, I’d rather shag a fly ball and feel like I’m about to have a heart attack than go to the gym. I mean playing sports personally I think is so much more fun than running on a treadmill. Reason two, I like to win, if I’m playing a sport I’m trying to win, no tummy sticks. Lastly, reason three is because I like to meet new people and to forget about any stressful situation that could be happening in my life. I know those are four reasons, but I linked meeting new people and stress in the same reason due to the fact I think they go hand in hand. Sports to me is if something stressful is happening in my life they’re a good way to relax and forget the stressful situation I may be in. Fun fact of the day is that during the Great Depression if a person owned a grocery store, that person was above the poverty, well simply people need to buy groceries to survive. The other place to own during the depression was a movie theater. The reason behind is that people were so depressed, they were willing to spend what little money they had to forget about their lives for two hours. I like to think that HUB Sports would still be afloat during the next depression because we would provide an hour in which people forget about the depression let’s hope it never gets to that.

Now it’s time for you to hit the field to see why you love playing sports too! http://bit.ly/2YOwGiD

2019 Patriots’ Day

By: James Macey

Here at HUB Sports we proudly recognize Patriots’ Day as there are a wide variety of different sports leagues that hover the Greater Boston area. With HUB there is no offseason, so don’t hesitate to stay in tune with your inner child and get yourself into a league today!

The significance of Patriots Day has strengthened over the years and is a day that all of us Bostonians look forward to. It symbolizes the loyalty and pride we share towards a city that has been nothing but exceptional in all facets of the word.

The first question that comes to my mind every year is what is there do? It might be an easy question to answer, but there’s a laundry list of activities to do during this special day. I’ll break down the four most exciting things to do during April 15th.

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: It’s been a tradition that our Red Sox play on such a memorable day for Boston. The rain in the forecast shouldn’t be a damper on these plans as Bostonians will do just about anything to watch some baseball. I’ll never forget when David Ortiz said, “This is my f***in city”. It showed how strong Boston was and how far we have come since the Boston bombings. Make sure you make it down to the game; starts at 11:05 am.

Freedom Trail Tours: Even though they happen daily, making this a part of your day off on Monday would be very beneficial to the whole family. It gives people the opportunity to learn about the American Revolution and to experience some of the rich history Boston has to offer. Tours leave from the visitor center at the Commons with discounts along the way. Why not take advantage of these amazing tours?

Battle Reenactments: Throughout the Boston, Concord, and Lexington areas, tons of re-enactments are done to celebrate the battles all weekend long. Most of them are free admission and start as early as 5:30 in the morning! It is a great way to see an exact representation of how we declared our independence. My favorite thing to do is watch the Paul Revere’s ride from Medford to Concord.

Boston Marathon: The marathon is the most important and symbolic event of the day. Hundreds to thousands of people train all year to run the marathon, but more importantly, we honor and celebrate those who lost their lives in the bombings. This year marks the 139th anniversary of the marathon, one of the longest running events in history.  People all over the world come out to our city to celebrate this special event. This year in particular, NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson among other celebrities look to run. It’s amazing to see the T filled with Bostonians and the pride flowing through their bloodstreams. If you partake in Monday’s festivities you will be apart of something bigger than just a marathon.

For more information on how to play adult sports with HUB Sports please visit their website: hubsportsboston.com

New for 2019 – The Jimmy Johns Game of the Week! Every week HUB Sports will select one game in any of our sports to be the Jimmy John’s Game of the Week and receive a ten pack of Free Sandwich coupons. Go into any Jimmy Johns in Boston hand them a coupon and get a free Billy Club or a free Ultimate Porker or a free Vito or a free..well you get the point. Game of the Week = Free Sandwiches

Jimmy John’s slice their all-natural* meats and fresh veggies in-house every day. Our fresh-baked bread is made right here where you can see it, and our house-made tuna salad is fresh every day. The flavor of a ripe tomato, crisp shredded lettuce, combined with fresh-baked bread, fresh-sliced meat and real Hellmann’s® mayo – that’s when the magic happens. Made with love every single day since 1983. That’s Jimmy Fresh!

Jimmy John’s is serving the Freaky Fast Sandwiches at  locations across Boston:

475 Winter St, Waltham, MA 02451 

12 Charles St S Ste. D2-B, Boston, MA 02116                                    

60 Valenti Way, Boston, MA 02114 

413 D St, Boston, MA 02210

Once a week one game will get selected to receive 2 10 packs of Free Jimmy John’s Sandwich Vouchers and a Facebook Photo Album so you can relive the night over and over!

Coed Spring Fling Tournament Teams Preview (Teams #1-8)

  1. Balls Out – Captain: Steve Matteo

Hometown: Wilmington, MA

We last saw this team play in the coed Pumpkin Ball Bash back in October of last year. They came out of the gates hot but got bounced before advancing to the bracket play round. They’re a pretty solid squad but will need a little bit of lady luck on their side to advance on Sunday.

  1. BNB – Captain: Ronen Levy

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Ronen has assembled quite the squad to compete with in tourneys. They were very successful in the indoor tourneys but when they got matched up against the buzz-saw of White Fuel they were cut down in the semis 17-12. Considering White Fuel put up close to 100 runs in their previous 3 pool play games I guess you could say they somewhat shut them down? Ronen’s going for first place or nothing come this Sunday.

  1. Full Send – Captain: Rich Viernes

Hometown: Waltham, MA

Another pretty solid crew right here that tends to more often than not be in the running to advance out of pool play. Are they a force to be reckoned with? Well we won’t go that far but they can certainly hold their own. Mixed success in our indoor tourneys should definitely lead to them feeling fresh right out of the gate though.

  1. HT – Captain: David Brolin

Hometown: Quincy, MA

Hailing from Quincy we have one of the favorites to take the title on Sunday. David always brings a solid crew to the field. Come to win or don’t come at all. He’s personally coming off a tough defeat in the Men’s Early Bird this past Sunday so we know he has some revenge on his mind.

  1. Lou Skunt Nugget – Captain: Angela Duffy

Hometown: Burlington, MA

Angela has played on plenty of HUB teams over the years but she hasn’t had a traditional tournament team to enter. All in all this team could come out as a bit of a surprise. Do we expect crazy big things out of them? Nope. However, they have nothing to lose so they’re sure to play like it!

  1. Mill City Ghosts – Captain: Nick Bouras

Hometown: Lowell, MA

This group of guys and gals sure do have some fun out there on the field. There are few Bostonians that play for softball than Nick does that’s for sure. He has a passion for the game unmatched by most recreational players. They travel all over the place for softball tourneys and he is no stranger to HUB ball.

  1. New Kheds on the Block – Captain: Kelly Conlin

Hometown: Waltham, MA

Kelly and her squad also exhibit everything that you love to see from a softball team. This team doesn’t always win but they have a damn good time regardless. Kelly plays tons of HUB league ball so this should be a great warmup for the outdoor season. We did see this squad a couple times for indoor tourneys so they might not have too much rust to knock off.

  1. Purge – Captain: Carl Rodriguez

Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Watch out for this team to advance on Sunday. They had some pretty good success in the indoor tourneys but could never conquer that final hurdle and earn the championship hardware. Carl is quite a gamer, you’ll see this guy all over the softball scene in Boston now that we’re rockin’ and rollin’ with outdoor ball. Experience helps but it doesn’t always win you games, they’ll need their A stuff on Sunday to make a splash.

Want to sign your team up? Click for details: http://bit.ly/2UIeM2J

Celtics Playoff Push Is Up In The Balance

By: James Macey

The Boston Celtics season has been all over the place this season. The talent on this roster runs deep, but they’ve run into some problems along the way. Luckily for the C’s they find themselves tied for 4th in a rather weak Eastern Conference. The real question we should all focus on is: How deep will their playoff push be?

Kyrie Irving is a problem:

Boston will only go as far as Kyrie Irving takes them. One thing that is of concern heading into the postseason is  Irving’s isolation play. Nearly 85% of the time the ball is glued to his hands, creating an easy target for defenses to fall back on. He may average 7.1 apg, but the ball can be moved around a lot more than it has been recently. Those 18 shots a game that Irving creates come off at least five dribbles, running through screens, and dribbling through defenders. Besides his poor 39% three-point percentage, Irving gets most of his buckets from the paint where he continuously overworks himself every possession down the court. Most plays he doesn’t even give a man a look because once he’s on the break nine times out of 10, he’s taking it to the basket.

In the beginning of the season it seemed like everything was running smoothly with Irving confirming his allegiance to the organization. He’s been very real with the media more so this season than ever. When you announce nationally that you don’t think your teammates “don’t know how to win” or say “ask me July 1st” when asked about free agency that only hinders the team’s success from a far. I honestly believe that this playoff push will dictate Irving’s future, but he doesn’t spread the wealth and be a leader then this team could be eliminated by an Indiana Pacers team without Victor Oladipo.

Given Boston’s reputation of withholding that blue-collar mentality, the ongoing Irving issue concerns me. Flashback to the Paul Pierce and KG days where the term ‘unbuntu’ was often used in the locker room. Unbuntu displays human virtues, compassion, and humanity. Every man 1-12 was valued back in 2008 and no one man was greater than the team. Given this season I don’t see that at all. Irving has been creating tension with rumors of his loyalty to the organization, and a video that went viral of him talking to Kevin Durant in what seems to be a pretty obvious notion for him departing to New York. Irving is a problem and I only see it getting worse heading into the playoffs. Bottom of the line is, bringing a guy like Irving in meant that a huge risk would be taken. It is ruining tradition, and the culture of Celtics basketball.

The X-Factor Jayson Tatum:

When it comes to Boston fans we are hard on our players and one player that has been criticized over and over again is Jayson Tatum. From last to this season he’s been stagnant with his play.  He gets to his spots, but is either too high off of the screen, or he waits for the defender to collapse on him, but one thing to note is that he is capable of taking over a game where we saw glimpses of that early in the season. Tatum is a blue-collar kid who respects authority and plays within Brad Steven’s system, which isn’t a bad thing, but at times he still gives up shots. If Tatum becomes more aggressive on the offensive end we might see a different Celtics team than we are used to.

On the contrary, Tatum’s great rookie season is the biggest reason of his criticism. He played with a chip on his shoulder and thus presented him with no expectations. Being compared to Larry Bird and Paul Pierce two games into his first season is a lot to take in. To hold a player up on a pedestal that early, comes with a lot of built up pressure. It is obvious that Danny Ainge wants to build off of him for the future, but with Irving at the helm it’s pushing Tatum back from branching out.

Terry Rozier needs more play time: 

I see a lot of potential in Rozier and he provides sufficient energy off the bench for this team. The only problem he faces is seeing the court. Whenever he’s on the court good things happen; whether it comes from a bucket, good defensive play, or a pocket pass; Rozier always produces for this ball club. He can make a 10 point lead turn into a 20 point lead in two minutes. Playing both sides of the ball efficiently, he has established himself as a threat. I don’t know what Stevens is doing, but Rozier has seen a drop in minutes and point production since being restricted of minutes. Maybe they don’t believe in him, or they rely so much on Irving that Rozier is being kicked to the curb.

2017-18: 11.3 ppg, 2.9 apg, 4.7 rpg

2018-19: 9.0 ppg, 3.0 apg, 3.9 rpg

-2.3 points, +.1 assist, -.8 rebounds

I’m a huge advocate for ‘numbers don’t lie’ and although these numbers don’t scream at you, they should speak to you.

Overall, I think the Celtics have a lot of talent that they don’t know what with. We’ve seen Hayward take on a bench role, Irving consumes headlines, and let teams run all over them. Playoff basketball consists of a team, not the individual. I’ve seen a bunch of individuals suiting up lately. 2-5 in their last seven games, losing to playoff teams like the Sixers, Nets, Spurs, and Nuggets is disappointing. This is the time to be playing the best basketball, but they’ve been in a rut these past two months shifting two spots in the standings. The common denominator is causing all the problems is Irving. It’s all adding up and only time will tell what the future has in store this playoff season

Men’s Early Bird Special Tournament Teams Preview (Teams #1-12)

  1. …And Justice For All – Captain: Eric Maus

Hometown: Methuen, MA

Eric has played plenty of HUB ball and his team appears to be a mix and match of familiar faces. So, they likely know what they’re up against on Sunday. They certainly have some tough matchups in store for them, can they come up with some clutch hits to advance? We shall see.

  1. BBD – Captain: Alex Carrion

Hometown: Everett, MA

The squad formerly known as the Bulldogs have been staying pretty fresh this winter. Alex has been quite a familiar face at the HUB indoor tourneys, so him and the team don’t have a lot of rust to knock off. Watch out for them to come out of the gate hot, they’ll need to stay hot all day to be one of the lucky teams to advance.

  1. BNB – Captain: Ronen Levy

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Watch out for this squad right here. Ronen, like Alex, has been quite the regular at Union Point for the indoor tourneys. In fact, he’s entered 6 different teams and been crowned champion twice. Ronen brings the passion to the field unmatched by most. This guy loves softball, you’ll likely see him on the field 6 days a week once the outdoor season is fully underway. Does passion equal success? Sometimes yes but it’ll take a little skill thrown in there too.

  1. Bombers – Captain: Ivan Carrasco

Hometown: Norwood, MA

If you don’t know Ivan by now you probably haven’t played much softball in Boston. Often times you may hear him before you see him. The infamous grunt is just unmistakable. All that aside can these guys sack up and finally win a HUB tourney title?! They’re always in the running to advance but they’ve been some crooked innings end up costing them in the end. Only time will tell on Sunday.

  1. Dream Team – Captain: Robert Modoono

Hometown: Wakefield, MA

We typically see this squad for a couple HUB tourneys every year. Their success has been a bit of a mixed bag but they have the talent there to advance out of pool play. They’re coming off some recent success in the Holiday Classic indoor tournament where they ended up losing in extra innings of the championship game. They’ll be a favorite for the WC in our eyes.

  1. Game of Throws – Captain: Kris Monson

Hometown: Arlington, MA

The man, the myth, the legend – Kris Monson. He’s a staple in the Boston softball world. In fact, he’s coming off a double MLB season last year….roughly 350 games, yikes! He’s a hell of a gamer that’s for sure. Is his team the 2nd coming of the 2018 Red Sox? No. But these guys sure have some heart and they sure do have some fun out there too. It’s all for the love of the game!

  1. Greenwarden – Captain: Paul Grazia

Hometown: South Portland, ME

Hailing from Maine these guys have the furthest drive of the morning to get into softball mode. It’ll be about a 3-hour commute for this squad so you better believe they’ll mean business on Sunday. We have not seen this team play with us yet in a tourney, so their skill is a little TBD, let’s see what they’re made of.

  1. No Glove No Love – Captain: Anthony Villasuso

Hometown: Boston, MA

Anthony and his team are another team that is no stranger to HUB softball. They were all over the fields last year, and this year they’ll be in the Thursdays on the Common league for the spring. Looks like they’re using this tourney as a little warm-up for the season. They might be a sleeper team to advance but the odds are certainly stacked against them.

  1. Rozzie Hoods – Captain: Karsten Krumbiegel

Hometown: Roslindale, MA

Karsten and his Rozzie Hoods crew have certainly caught the softball fever. We sure saw a lot of them in outdoor ball last year and expect more of the same from this group of gamers. They’ve struggled a bit in tournament ball but they have the experience and innings under their belt to make a little bit of noise on Sunday. Possible wild card sleeper?

  1. SouthSide Tavern – Captain: John Manning

Hometown: John Manning

These guys are coming in as a sure-fire tournament favorite. They have a few HUB tourney championships under their belt and they’re looking to add to that total to start the season off. They have the power, they have the pitching and they have the D to compete with any and all teams in the area. We’ll look for them to be in the semis come Sunday afternoon.

  1. White Fuel – Captain: Ryan Tuttle

Hometown: Waltham, MA

Here we have another tournament powerhouse. These guys won the tourney last year and they’re coming in with a free bid this year. With no money on the line will they bring all of the A squad to repeat this bad boy? We expect them to have the big guns there but let’s not give them the title yet, there are plenty of teams hungry to knock them off.

  1. Wild Turkeys – Captain: Dante Carnevale

Hometown: Norfolk, MA

Dante and the guys are yet another team that loves them some HUB softball. These guys go by Wild Card for league play but they’ve evolved into the Wild Turkeys for tournaments. We recently saw them in the President’s Day Invitational this winter where they went 2-1 in pool play but got bounced out in the quarterfinals. They could surprise some people on Sunday but they’ll need a little luck thrown in there too to advance.

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