Soccer & Soccer Leagues in Brookline, MA

Want to start playing soccer in Brookline, MA? Then the outdoor soccer leagues and programs at HubSports Boston are just for you!

About Our Soccer Leagues

HubSports Boston is the city’s fastest-growing organizer of adult recreational sports leagues, bringing the thrills of sport of casual programs and competitive leagues to over 1,000 teams and 10,000 athletes across several disciplines including basketball, softball, and flag football. However, it’s soccer that has quickly established itself as one of the biggest hits with both men and women.

Soccer is riding a wave of positivity thanks to another FIFA Women’s World Cup triumph by USWNT as well as the continued growth of Major League Soccer, USL, and even MASL. Whether you feel that you have the talent to become a professional or simply want to enjoy fast-paced fun with friends in an organized yet casual manner, HubSports Boston has a league for you.

Through our highly popular 11 V 11 leagues, men and women throughout Brookline and the surrounding areas can play soccer in a competitive league that provides qualified refs, quality facilities, and all the equipment needed to start a tea including 15 jerseys, a team duffel bag, and a ball.

Our passionate and friendly team of organizers are always ready to help while our coaches can provide the tips and training drills needed to improve your ability on the field. Or if you’d prefer simply to enjoy a leisurely approach to a fun form of exercise, our soccer leagues are great for that too.

Fun-fuelled soccer awaits.

About Soccer League in Brookline, MA

HubSports Boston takes great pleasure in providing soccer leagues that are inclusive to all right in the heart of Brookline. We offer full-size outdoor 11 V 11 leagues aimed at novices, intermediate, and advanced soccer players with leagues for Men’s teams as well as separate leagues for Coed teams in which three female players must be present at all times.

Our leagues operate on Sundays at Hellenic College, with teams playing a total of 6-8 48-minute matches over the course of a regular season before the top teams progress to the tournament style play-offs. Meanwhile, we provide daily updated standings and player stats while winning teams and players are presented with prizes at a presentation ceremony upon the program’s completion.

Brookline is crazy for sports – heck, we even produced Tom Brady – and the highly professional and organized leagues suit the area to perfection. Whether you’re a student at Hellenic College on a sports scholarship or a 40-something sports fan looking to embrace a new sport with friends in a competitive environment, SportsHub Brookline’s soccer programs are the ultimate option.

We help dozens of people just like you, from beginners through to highly-skilled athletes, enjoy soccer to the full every single Sunday and virtually all of our players agree that it’s one of the friendliest and engaging sports environments throughout all of Boston.

What are you waiting for? Come join the soccer revolution today!

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