NHL 2020

    • Once you’ve reached the Main Menu screen, scroll down to access “All Modes”
    • Select the “ONLINE VERSUS” option towards the bottom, then select “PLAY ONLINE VERSUS”
    • Here it is the Home Team’s responsibility to adjust all Game Settings to the settings outlined below, and invite their opponent to the match (Gamertags should be listed as the “Team Name” of your opponent on the Hub Sports schedule)
      • Please communicate with your opponent, either via email or using the chat option on your console, to schedule the exact day/time that works best for both competitors to play your first game (or entire series if agreed upon by both players)
      • You can invite your opponent simply by pressing the button which corresponds to the “ADD FRIENDS” option at the bottom of the “match-up” screen (e.g. Xbox is “LB”, PS4 is “L1”)
    • Game Settings should be adjusted to the settings shown below:
  • Accessibility – Default Settings (do not change)
  • Game Settings
  • GamePlay Presets (Game Type): Competitive 
  • Rules: NHL
  • Period Length: 4 minutes
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Fighting: On (unchanged)
  • Icing: Hybrid Icing
  • Injuries: On
  • Offsides: Delayed
  • Tie-Break: Continuous Overtime
  • Position Lock: Off
  • All “Lines and Strategies” settings must be adjusted prior to the start of the game


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