NBA2k 2020

  • Game Length: 5 Minute Quarters
  • Only current NBA teams are allowed (Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited)
    • The home team will receive first priority over the team he/she wishes to select (our scheduling software will ensure each participant has an even number of home/away games throughout their regular season)
  • All Settings and Camera Views must be set to “DEFAULT”
  • Skill Level must be set to “HALL OF FAME”
  • Manual Substitutions via START button are prohibited
    • Substitutions are only allowed in-game via D-Pad and during called Time-Outs
    • Starting rosters must be adjusted before going into the game
  • Injuries/Player Fatigue settings must be turned “ON”
  • For our policies on player conduct and server troubleshooting, please see “Online Gaming Policies


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