Madden NFL 2020

  • In-Game Settings
    • Quarter Length: 5 minutes
    • Play Clock: 40 seconds (default, cannot change)
    • Skill Level: All-Madden
    • Weather: Clear
    • Injuries: 0
    • Fatigue: On
    • Accelerated Clock: Off
    • Game Speed: Normal
    • Game Style: Competitive
    • Event Type: Quick Presentation
  • Other Adjustable Settings
    • Competitors can adjust the following settings provided that there are no bugs or game imbalances caused within gameplay:
      • Auto Sprint: Default On
      • Auto Strafe: Default On
      • Heat Seeker: Default On
      • Ball Hawk: Default On
      • Switch Assist: Default Off
      • Auto Play Flip: Off
      • Camera Setting: Standard
  • Depth-Chart Requirements
    • Lineups in league matches  are managed through Madden NFL 20’s lineup screen (presented to the user prior to the start of each game)
  • Team Selection
    • Competitors may choose any of the 32 supporting NFL franchises, however he/she may not select the same team chosen by their competitor.  The home team will receive first priority over the team he/she wishes to select.  Our scheduling software will ensure each participant has an even number of home/away games throughout their regular season
  • Mercy Rules 
    • A game may be ended early and victory awarded to the Competitor with the score advantage, if any of the following conditions are met during a league match:
      • A Competitor has a 32 or greater point lead at the end of the first half.
      • A Competitor has a 25 or greater point lead AND the losing Competitor has had at least one opportunity to possess the ball for a full drive in the second half.
      •  A Competitor has a 24-point lead with possession of the ball AND the losing Competitor has had at least one opportunity to possess the ball for a full drive in the second half.
    • If any of the above conditions are met during gameplay it is the winning competitor’s role to communicate to their opponent that the mercy rule has been reached, and that the game is then completed
  • Maximum Point Differential
    • The maximum point differential that can be reported as a score in a league match between two Competitors is 24 points (example: 24-0; 31-7; 66-42). When the final score differential exceeds the maximum point differential that is allowed to be reported, points will be subtracted from the winning player’s score until the differential is 24.  
    • Since player’s report their own scores following each game, it is the winner’s role to subtract these points themself, if their victory exceeded 24 points.  Any score reported that exceeds 24 points will be up for dispute, and changed by our league administration if necessary. 


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