Format   – 7 v 7

Game duration – Two (2) 20-25-minute halves (varies depending on the league)

Overtime – No overtime during the regular season. One round of best of three round of PK’s in playoffs if tied after regulation. Sudden death PK’s if tied after best of three.

Referee Fees – $25/game during the regular season and playoffs. Paid in cash or Venmo to your official on the field.

Players  Men’s league minimum 4 players. Coed Leagues must have at least 1 female player, at least 1 male player, and no more than 5 male players. Substitutions on the fly.

Equipment   All players must wear shin guards. Cleats allowed (no metal). No wristbands, no watches, fit bits (or other electronics allowed ONLY if completely covered). The referee has the final decision as to what is safe/allowed.

Sliding – NO sliding of any type, except GK inside PA while making a save. Restart with DFK or PK.

Kick-Off – This may be played in any direction. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-off.

Touchline restart  Kick-in, no throw-ins.

Ceiling restart  IFK under the spot where the ball hit the ceiling.

Goalie throws – Goalie must throw or pass the ball in play. No punting, no drop kicking. A Goalie throw must always hit the ground or a player before it crosses the halfway line. A goal cannot be scored directly from a Goalie throw.

Goal Kicks  Goal Kicks must be taken from any point within the goal area. A Goal Kick may not travel past the halfway line in the air. A goal cannot be scored directly from a Goal Kick.

Corners – A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick.


Blue Caution: 2-min temporary dismissal.

The dismissed player or substitute may return after the opponent scores or time expires, whichever occurs first.

Yellow Caution: 4-min temp dismissal.

A dismissed player or substitute may return only after time expires.

Red send-off: 6-min permanent dismissal.

The dismissed player does not return and must leave the premises, the substitute enters only after time expires. Dismissed player may be subject to suspension and other penalties.


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