January 4th 2022

With the rise of the Omicron variant, new Covid rules are being implemented across all leagues. These rules vary by town and facility. Please check the rules on each league’s page so that you are aware of what is required prior to signing up for a league. Please refer to our Covid policies regarding positive test results [click here] and player credits [click here]

May 31st 2021

As you know by now the State of Massachusetts has rescinded the state-wide mask requirement as of May 29th. Therefore going forward HUB Sports Boston will abide by the State’s updated guidance which is as follows:

  • Effective May 29 the Department of Public Health advises all unvaccinated residents to continue to wear masks in indoor settings and when they can’t socially distance.
  • For outdoor programs, if players are unable to socially distance the state advises the continuing use of face masks. Masks will not be required for any outdoor sports.
  • For indoor programs, we will continue to abide by the rules of the facility we are playing in. Each private facility is different, we will clarify each indoor facility’s specific policy in an email to team captains. A mask may or may not be required. 

We genuinely appreciate the continued compliance and sacrifice you all have made on the field and in our communities over the past year-plus. We couldn’t be more grateful to the thriving home of adult recreation sports in Boston. Here’s to a reinvigorated sense of normalcy, see you on the field!

June 1st 2020

To All Teams and Players:
We couldn’t be more excited to get back on the field and try to regain some normalcy in our lives. Sports have the ability to unite people in trying times and we believe that recreational sports can help bring people together while also re-uniting family, friends, and co-workers.
With that said, it is important that return to play is done carefully and with strict adherence to government guidelines. To that end HUB Sports has created Return to Play Guidelines that will now inform all of our decisions both on and off the field. We have outlined all of the new rules and procedures we will be taking for the health and safety of our players, staff, and officials. Please click on this link to see these new rules for all HUB sports leagues and tournaments.
In addition, all players will be required to sign a new Covid-19 Waiver and all teams will be required to have their full rosters submitted prior to the start of the season. You can review the new waiver here. Players must sign this waiver even if they have a prior waiver on file.
Now the good stuff! Our goal is to launch all of our leagues by the beginning of July. Some twilight leagues may be opening at the end of June. Over the next few weeks, as permits are finalized and start dates are locked in, our HUB SPORTS team will be reaching out to you by email and phone to determine your status for the upcoming season.
Once we establish a start date for your league, we will have a smaller-than-usual window of time to:
Get you registered – Get your supplies to you – Get your schedule out so that you can get on the field.
The 2020 summer season will have a “limited league offering”, and we ask that you please sign up as quickly as possible. In addition, we have lowered the deposit to hold your spot to $100 and will not charge your card the balance of the team fee until we send you your first week’s schedule.
If you have already signed up for a Spring league or were in the middle of a winter league when the government hit pause on all businesses, then you will be receiving a separate email with the various options available to you based on your original registration.
We look forward to joining all of you as we get out of our homes, get back to work, and get on the field to play ball!
Thank you,

May 18th

Today we got our first bit of good news with the Governor’s 4 Phased outline for Reopening the Economy. At this point nothing is set in stone and while it appears that Athletic Fields fall into Phase 2 with an opening date of NO EARLIER than June 8th City Parks and Rec departments have not been given written guidelines yet. We have maintained regular contact with all Parks and Rec departments throughout Greater Boston, as well as all private venue providers during this lock-down. They all agree the priority is to re-open safely and that written guidelines are the first step to that process. Once we have a final start date and a set of rules they will be incorporated into the HUB Sports Return to Play Guidelines. These guidelines will address all aspects of return to play including on field rules, waiver policies, paused Winter and Spring leagues and government safety measures going forward. We will be reaching out to all HUB players and teams shortly with our Return to Play letter which will have greater detail on when leagues and tournaments will start!

April 28th

On Tuesday April 28th ,Governor Charlie Baker extended the State stay at home order until May 18th .  At HUB Sports Boston, our goal is to get everyone back on the field, playing the sports they love, when it is OK to do so. For all of the teams and players that have registered for spring leagues or were in the middle of a league when the pandemic hit, we will continue to honor your registration in the following ways:

Leagues in Play

  • For those who were actively playing in a league that did not finish in full, we will be processing a player credit to your account with the prorated amount of your season registration. This is a “forever credit”, and can be used for any future league we offer. We will also be adding a 20% bonus credit to your account. So if you have pro-rated balance of $60 in credit you will now have $72 in credit to be used for a future league

Leagues Yet to Start

  • For those who signed up to play in leagues scheduled to start from mid-April through May and have not yet started due to Covid-19 closures, we will  be delaying the start of those leagues until we receive word  from the city and  state that it is OK to be on the field again. Once we have a start date, we will publish it and notify all participants. You will receive full value for your registration.

At this time we are unable to offer refunds due to these delays but if you are uncomfortable playing in a league when the new start date is announced, you can request a credit and we will post it to your account to use for any future league. The credit will not expire.

Our goal at HUB Sports Boston is to get back on the field when it is ok to do so.  We know this has been a trying time for so many people, for so many reasons. The promise of sports is something we can all look forward to. Sports can energize and galvanize the community and knowing that you have a league or tournament to come back to when this is all over can be a small light at the end of the tunnel. Until that time, follow the CDC guidelines, stay safe and stay healthy!

April 7th

First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. This is such an uncertain time for our country and our community, and I know I’m not alone when I say that I miss the joy and consistency that sport brings to our everyday lives. 

Second, we wanted to give you an update on what’s going on at HUB Sports Boston. Like most businesses, we are doing what we can to stay afloat and support our community and staff. 

We recognize that you have paid for a league that is on hold for the foreseeable future. We wanted to let you know that these funds are helping us keep the lights on right now: allowing us to continue supporting our staff and ensure that there is an organization for you to return to when all of this is over. We can’t emphasize enough how critical this is for us, and we hope you know how much your support means. At this point we will continue our policy of delaying the start or completion of the season until we get the all clear. Anyone who put down a deposit for an upcoming league will not have the balance of their fee collected until new season begins. 

If your league was suspended it will be resumed when the all clear is given, or you will be rolled over into a new league at that time. We will be putting together a plan to ramp up play again hopefully come May, and once we are back in action we are excited to get everyone off their couch and on the field again!

To thank you for your ongoing support, HUB Sports will be adding a 20% credit toward your account for any future you league you choose to sign up for.

MARCH 20th

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve on the ground here in Boston and nationally, we are committed to providing regular communication updates regarding the status of our leagues and events. First and foremost, we want to thank you for being a part of HUB Sports Boston. Our community, our staff (both full- and part-time), and our mission are at the core of our decisions during this difficult time, even more so as a small business.

Following the recent announcements by the City and State officials as well the guidelines set up by the CDC , HUB Sports will postpone all current indoor and upcoming outdoor spring leagues, effective March 16th. We will plan to resume indoor play and start all new Spring leagues in May. 

As you know, this is a difficult decision as our core business is all about sports, community, activity and fun. However, it is important at this time to protect the health and well being of our friends, family and community.

Below are more details about both our current and scheduled leagues.

Late Winter Leagues

We want to assure you that we plan to finish play for our late winter leagues when it is safe to do so and we will communicate with you directly to notify you of updates. This is not a cancellation, only a postponement. If your league is in play, we’ll keep standings and scores and will resume play when able to do so. 

Spring Leagues

For our players who have registered in our Spring leagues, we will postpone the April kickoff of our Spring season until May.  We will notify all players and teams with specific locations, timing details, and other pertinent information for each league in the coming weeks.

While we don’t know when, the experts agree that these measures will pass. Right now it’s all about flattening the curve. When items begin to reopen it will be important that we all jump back in as quickly as possible to the things that build our community and connect us to each other. During this time, our registration process will stay open for all Spring leagues to allow players and teams to reserve a spot or join your existing teams and groups. Once we know more, we will provide you and the community with an update on any official start dates. 

Stay Tuned

We are working hard to provide our community with both options and opportunities, heading into the spring season. Please check your email often as things continue to evolve. Our promise to you is that our leagues will play again when it is safe to do so. 

Thank you for being a part of the HUB Sports Boston Community and we look forward to seeing you on the field once again! 


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