Learn all about how HUB SPORTS BOSTON was founded to create the most professionally run adult sports league in the Greater Boston area. Hub Sports Boston offers adult softball, flag football, soccer, basketball and volleyball.


The HUB SPORTS BOSTON was founded to create the most professionally run adult sports league in Greater Boston.


The founders of HUB SPORTS BOSTON have been playing sports in the Boston area for about 15 years. They have played in town leagues, company leagues and citywide leagues. They have played co-ed and men’s sports. They have played in scores of tournaments. They know all about sports.

The HUB SPORTS BOSTON began life as Metro West Softball, a 13 team fall weeknight men’s softball league in Watertown. In 2011 Metro West became The HUB Softball, a 3 season 6 day a week coed and men’s softball league. By 2015 The HUB had grown to over 500 teams and about 7,000 players who enjoy leagues and tournaments year round at over 35 fields in more cities and towns in the Greater Boston area than any other league!

In November 2015 The HUB Softball became HUB SPORTS BOSTON to represent the addition of Soccer. With leagues running in South Boston, Revere and Cambridge The HUB now offers soccer leagues 5 nights a week, throughout the year. HUB SPORTS BOSTON serves 200 soccer teams and over 2,000 players from Greater Boston.

The Summer of 2016 The HUB added Flag Football to the lineup as 40 teams played indoor and outdoor on weeknights and Sundays. November 2016 saw the launch of the first annual Turkey Bowl Men’s Flag Football Tournament.

In 2017 look for Basketball and Volleyball to be in the mix, kicking off with our 1st annual 3 on 3 Streetball Classic Basketball Tournament.

Boston is a sports town and The HUB realizes the demand for professionally run sports leagues for adults that provide an exceptional level of service. Whether you are very competitive and searching for a top-notch sports league or simply looking for something recreational during the week The HUB is for you! The many offerings year round allow you the flexibility to plan sports around your busy schedules.

Come join over 1,000 teams and about 10,000 players expected for 2018 to see why The HUB is the fastest growing Sports league in Boston.

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